L _ L L _ L LL from Jason Sharp on Vimeo.

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kaie kellough and jason sharp have collaborated since 2011, performing in experimental music, jazz, and literary milieus. their work inhales varied elements, such as lettrism, noise, reading, improvisation, installation, and exhales both acoustic and electronic sound.

photo: pablo riquelme

"sharp’s bass saxophone provided drones and feedback-like distortions of sound, as kellough explored, distorted, and pulled apart words and their meaning, occasionally reducing them to their original phonological sounds as during the final piece RAIL, all performed with a rhythmic intentionality. the result created massive arches of musical tension, as language and musical syntax fragmented and reassembled."
- tyler versluis, for musical toronto

smtWTFs from Jason Sharp on Vimeo.

they have performed at the cluster festival (winnipeg), the innovations en concert series (montréal), the suoni per il popolo festival (montréal), the bruissements du cercle series (montréal), and onomatopoeia (toronto).

photo: mickey boston kovacks

photo: terry lim