for x avant xii, we will be performing intérro, which features:

kevin lo (visual language design)
jason sharp (bass saxophone & electronic sound design)
tanya evanson (voice & electronics)
kaie kellough (text composition, voice, electronics)

intérro is a mixed-media collaborative work originally commissioned by the 2016 suoni per il popolo festival, and presented in collaboration with howl! arts.

intérro blends electroacoustic sound, text, voice, and visual language. it is an extended meditation on border crossings, profiling, statelessness, and diaspora.

musicworks, issue 124, spring 2016

incl. audio w/ jason sharp
text: dalton higgins
images: pierre langlois

opening performance: mantra of no return

mantra is a meditation on origins. it samples phrases from various works by caribbean authors, processes those samples through a noun-substitution engine, and re-assembles them.

mantra's performance included speech, layered vocal, and ambient electronic sound.

design: nazik dakkach

creole continuum is available on LP, CD, and for MP3 download at:

the album was released on september 5th, 2014 with howl! records. video from the launch is available at:


personnel: martin heslop (contrebasse), jason sharp (bass & baritone saxophones), ted strauss (piano, organ), brahja waldman (drums, alto saxophone), kim zombik (voice), tyler fitzmaurice (recording, mixing), dimitiri condax (mastering).

design: loki

vox:versus was recorded in 2010 at hotel 2 tango, montréal. v:v incorporates sound poetry, sound collage, and improvised conversation between poem and instrument.

word sound system #2

"when there is abstraction it is balanced by concrete words; where words are foregrounded there is abstraction in the mix – there is always a recognizable linguistic element to ground." -steven ross smith

dust my doom

personnel: martin heslop (contrebasse), jahsun (drums), stefan christoff (piano), kim zombik (vocal), dj andy williams (soundscapes), zeke (sound collage), jason selman (trumpet), radwan ghazi mounmeh (recording), graham lessard (mixing), harris newman (mastering).

vox:versus was launched at the suoni per il popolo festival, montréal, 2011.