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Kaie Kellough                                       

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Équateur magnétique 


French translation of Magnetic Equator by Stéphane Martelly, April 2023

Entre l’Amérique du Sud et celle du Nord, les poèmes de ce livre dérivent. Ils cherchent une ancestralité à Georgetown, au Guyana, dans la forêt amazonienne et dans l’Atlantique. Ils retournent aux années 1980, en banlieue de Calgary et dans les quartiers montréalais emmurés dans la neige post-référendaire. Comme la traversée des vaisseaux noirs jusqu’à la terre ferme, ces poèmes se fraient un chemin dans ce monde et peinent à expliquer l’état d’une personne scindée en deux hémisphères. Présents dans un ici tout en portant les battements de l’ailleurs, les poèmes d’Équateur magnétique cartographient les distances parcourues.

Petits marronnages

Les éditions du Boréal

French translation of Dominoes at the Crossroads by Madeleine Stratford, February 2021

Finalist, Governor General’s Award, French Translation 2021

Dans Petits marronnages, Kaie Kellough s’engouffre dans les interstices de l’histoire officielle pour tirer de l’oubli les figures fictives ou bien réelles des diasporas caribéennes et africaines. Musiciennes et autostoppeurs, poètes et banlieusards sans histoire, agents secrets et historiennes, domestiques et révolutionnaires s’y croisent et s’y recroisent dans une improvisation débridée et foisonnante placée sous le signe du déracinement.

Dominoes at the Crossroads

Véhicule Press

Short stories, ed. Dimitri Nasrallah, published February 2020

Longlist, Scotiabank Giller Prize 2020

Longlist, CBC Canada Reads 2021

Winner, Quebec Writers Federation Hugh MacLennan Prize for Fiction 2020

Finalist, Grand Prix du Livre de Montréal 2020

Finalist, Danuta Gleed Award for Short Fiction, 2021

Finalist, ReLit Award for Short Fiction 2021

Cover story, Quill and Quire, December 2020

Globe and Mail, Globe 100 Best Books of 2020

CBC, Best Books of 2020

Dominoes at the Crossroads plays double-dutch with time and latitude as its characters skip between their Caribbean roots and their Canadian present. Through the eyes of jazz musicians, hitchhikers, quiet suburbanites, student radicals, secret agents, historians, and their fugitive ancestors, Kellough guides us from the cobblestones of Montreal’s Old Port to the foliage of a South American rainforest, from a basement in wartime Paris to an underground antique shop in Montréal during the October Crisis, allowing the force of imagination to tip the balance of time like a line of dominoes.

Magnetic Equator

Penguin Canada / McClelland and Stewart

Poetry, ed. Dionne Brand 2019

Winner, Griffin Poetry Prize 2020

Finalist, Quebec Writers Federation A.M. Klein Prize for Poetry 2019

CBC, Best Books of 2019

Finalist, Carte Blanche 3Macs Award 2018

The poems in MEQ are inhabited by migration and distance. They are ghosts that issue from suburban oblivion.They drift between North and South America looking for their ancestry in the cities and rainforests of Guyana, the Atlantic Ocean, and the prairies, foothills, and badlands of Western Canada.


ARP Books

Novel. Jacket and text by LOKI Design, published 2016

Finalist, Amazon / Walrus Foundation First Novel Award 2017

Cover story, Montréal Reivew of Books, Spring 2017

The Ministry of Culture seeks to shape and direct every detail of Québec society, and institutes a vast surveillance program. It plants agents in offices, cafés, and daycares. It abducts citizens, interrogates them, and meticulously catalogues their testimony. When Accordéon's itinerant narrator is detained, their testimony discloses a counter-conspiracy in which a mythic flying canoe will ascend to thwart the Ministry and radically transform Québec society.

Maple Leaf Rag

ARP Books

Poetry, published 2010

Shortlist, Manitoba Book Awards, Manuela Dias Design Prize, 2010
Maple Leaf Rag is a dynamic, jazz-and-noise-infused riff on Canadian culture. Its concrete and written soundscape explores belonging, dislocation and relocation, and national identity from a Black Canadian perspective. This collection of poems syncopates the page and scores speech.


Shape & Nature Press

Short story and conceptual walk, published 2015, Greenfield, Mass.

Navette contains a conceptual walk and a work of short fiction. The walk visits familiar Montréal landmarks that double as passages along a migrant's journey. The story is one of revolution and flight in which a nameless youth, the child of Haitian immigrants, comes of age during the 2012 student strike. The Duvalier régime and the space shuttle Challenger haunt the family's memory, while a future blurred by social unrest, language politics, vintage Congolese recordings, and interstellar space engulfs their city.

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FYEAR  is a Montréal-based nonet led by composer Jason Sharp and poet/writer Kaie Kellough. FYEAR fuses spoken word into multi-genre compositions for electronics, two voices, two drummers, processed saxophone, pedal steel guitar, and violins. Their debut self-titled  studio recording was released by Constellation Records in 2024. It is available in all digital formats, 180-gram vinyl edition, and compact disc.

FYEAR incorporates drone, out-jazz, post-classical, ambient metal, avant-rock, and modular synthesis, and creates a unified sound/aesthetic while traversing adventurous and varied terrain. Kellough’s langauge engages with the challenges of modernity: extraction, inflation, and the unequal distribution of access to the future. This self-titled debut album is a supremely innovative 40-minute multi-movement work.

180 gram vinyl LP and compact disc designed by Kevin Yuen Kit Lo and Constellation.

Video design by Kevin Yuen Kit Lo & Sarah Auches 

Schemmann Photography, Moers Festival, Germany, 05/2023

Contributors, L-R:  Jesse Zubot, Kevin Yuen Kit Lo, Kaie Kellough, Jason Sharp, Joe Grass, Josh Zubot, Tawhida Tanya Evanson, Stefan Schneider, Tommy Crane

Jason Sharp is a bass and baritone saxophonist, synthesist, and composer who has recorded 3 studio albums for the prestigious Constellation Records label.

Kaie Kellough (text, voice) is a poet, novelist, and sound performer. A recipient of the Griffin Poetry Prize, Kaie’s writing emerges where social engagement and formal innovation meet.

Joe Grass (pedal steel) is a guitarist, composer, and producer who has worked extensively with Lhasa, Patrick Watson, Marie-Pierre Arthur, and Elisapie.

Kevin Yuen Kit Lo is a graphic designer. He is the founder and creative director of  LOKI Design Studios, which blends a passion for craft with a commitment to equality and social justice.

Tawhida Tanya Evanson (voice) is a poet, novelist, sound performer, and whirling dervish. Her publications, solo perfromances, and collaborations have reached Africa, Australia, Indonesia, and the Caribbean.

Jesse Zubot (violin) is a composer, musician, and producer who is a four-time Juno Award winner. As a film composer, he has won acclaim for his innovative scores for Monkey Beach, Indian Horse, and Academy Award-nominated Two Lovers and a Bear.

Joshua Zubot (violin) is a central figure in both the Montréal and Vancouver creative music scenes. Some of his frequent collaborations are with Bernard Falaise, Francois Houle, Sam Shalabi, Nicolas Caloia, and Isaiah Ceccarelli.

Stefan Schneider (percussion) is a founding member of the Bell Orchestre and The Queer Songbook Orchestra.

Tommy Crane (percussion) is a Montréal-based musician who has recorded and performed with Ambrose Akinmusire, Melissa Aldana, The Mingus Big Band, Linda Oh, Thus Owls, Aaron Parks, Richard Reed Parry, and Logan Richardson.

h         w            sound      d         c         l         b

Small Stones

Small Stones is a 21-minute work that blends audio, graphic design, animation, and text. It was commissioned by Jason Camlot at Spokenweb for the Listening, Sound, Agency Symposium.

Text and voice: Kaie Kellough, Bass and baritone saxophones: Jason Sharp, Visual and typographic design: Kevin Yuen Kit Lo, Editing and animation: Sarah Auches.


FYEAR is a 9-piece ensemble. This performance was recorded live at the Lion D’Or venue in Montréal. It was commissioned by JazzAhead! Bremen, the National Arts Center, and the Canada Council for the Arts, and it  aired on April 29 with partnering jazz festivals in Canada and Europe.

Contributors are Jason Sharp (compositions, electronics, bass and baritone saxophones), Kaie Kellough (text, voice), Tawhida Tanya Evanson (voice), Joe Grass (pedal steel),  Stefan Schneider (drums), JahSun (drums),  Jesse Zubot (Violin), Josh Zubot (violin), and Kevin Yuen Kit Lo (type and visual design). 



UBGNLSWRE is a mixed media collaboration between Jason Sharp (bass saxophone, electronics, composition), Kaie Kellough (voice, text), and Kevin Yuen Kit Lo (visual design).

Interview: 00:00-15:35
w/ Jason Sharp and Kaie Kellough, by David Dacks

Performance: 15:38-46:45

This work was composed during the 2020 pandemic. It emerges from a moment when climate change, global uncertainty, and sharply rising inequality appeared to suspend the future. It examines that suspension and it considers how we construct our sense of self in such a moment. It explores questions of (historical) access to the idea of a future, and what happens to a self when that access is limited.

UBGNLSWRE was presented in collaboration with the Aga Khan Museum, with the X AVANT Festival, and with the Music Gallery Toronto.

Rocket #

Rocket # is a series of 00:45-second improvised conversations between voice (poem) and brass.

Text is drawn from the book Magnetic Equator, winner of the 2020 Griffin Poetry Prize.

Kaie Kellough (voice, text)
Jason Sharp (baritone saxophone)

Produced in collaboration with the Aga Khan Museum, Toronto.

Fire in the Mainframe

Fire in the Mainframe is a lecture with an electronic narrative embedded in the middle. It features live voice, recorded voice, and modular syntehsizer, and was composed and presented by Kaie Kellough.

This performative lecture was delivered at the Power Plant, Toronto, in October 2019.

The lecture begins and ends with an essay on the 1969 student occupation of the Sir George Williams Computer Center, a protest against racial bias in grading.

The lecture was published in TOPIA Journal, Special Issue, Legacies of the 1969 Sir George Williams Student Protests, ed. Ronald Cummings, Nalini Mohabir, Vol. 44

The narrative embedded in the lecture is a work of short fiction that was published as “Ashes and Juju” in the collection Dominoes at the Crossroads.

Turning Centre of the Still World

Turning Centre of the Still World is a cross-disciplinary work, composed with Cheryl Duvall (prepared piano), Ilana Waniuk (violin, effects), Jason Sharp (electronics, sound design), and Kaie Kellough (voice, vocal effects, text).

This work draws on ideas of diaspora, displacement, erasure, ambivalence, and on personal history. It looks at place (the Canadian prairies) from the perspective of one who is physically present there, yet who is culturally absent or erased. 

This work was performed live at the Music Gallery, Toronto, in 06/2018, as part of the Thin Edge New Music Collective’s event, Fusing.


01100001 is a mixed media collaboration between Jason Sharp (electronics, sound design), and Kaie Kellough (live and synthesized voice, text, visual design). Video shot/edited by Victoria Nam, 05/09/2014, Montréal.

This performance of the book of Genesis converted into binary code, is inspired by the quote: “Too much has been made of origins, all origins are arbitrary” by Dionne Brand, from A Map to the Door of No Return .

Excerpt from a performance at the launch of Creole Continuum.

Produced in collaboration with HOWL! Arts Collective.

Funded by the Canada Council for the Arts

Creole Continuum


Design: Nazik Dakkach

Creole Continuum was released on vinyl, CD and MP3 on September 5th, 2014 with Howl! records.

Personnel: Martin Heslop (contrebasse), Jason Sharp (bass & baritone saxophones), Ted Strauss (piano, organ), Brahja Waldman (drums, alto saxophone), Kim Zombik (voice), Tyler Fitzmaurice (recording, mixing), Dimitiri Condax (mastering).

From Creole Continuum, “d-o-y-o-u-r-e-a-d-m-e” was selected for BAX Online (Best American Experimental Writing) 2015, eds. Douglas Kearney, Seth Abramson, Jesse Damiani, and was named among the top poems of 2014 by the Vancouver Poetry House.


Wired On Words


Design: Kevin Yuen Kit Lo (LOKI)

Vox:Versus was recorded in 2010 at Hotel 2 Tango, Montréal.  

Personnel: Martin Heslop (contrebasse), Jahsun (drums), Stefan Christoff (piano), Kim Zombik (vocal), DJ Andy Williams (soundscapes), Zeke (sound collage), Jason Selman (trumpet), Radwan Ghazi Mounmeh (recording), Graham Lessard (mixing), Harris Newman (mastering).

Vox:Versus was launched at th 2011 Suoni Per Il Popolo festival, Montréal.
h         w           s         dates         c         l         b


April 30, Montreal
Montreal International Poetry Prize Reading Series w/ Bianca Stone, Sadiqa de Meijer, Jeremy Desjarlais

May 7, Toronto
Duo w/ Oana Avasilichoaei, Productions Rhizome

May 9, Sudbury
Duo w/ Oana Avasilichoaei, Productions Rhizome

June 6, Toronto
First novel award ceremony, juror w/ Francesca Ekwuyasi, Billy Ray Belcourt



March 7-16, Montréal
Infinitheater Presents: Dominoes at the Crossroads, a play based on the collection of short stories

February 15-25: Rhizome, Québec City
In residence with Oana Avasilichioaei

February 5: Toronto
Launch of Code Noir with Canisia Lubrin


April 21: Librairie Port de Tête, Montréal
Lancement d’Équateur magnétique, traduite par Stéphane Martelly

May 11th-15th: Stockholm, Sweden
Hägerstensåsens medborgarhus Festival, with Michael Nardone, Jordan Abel, Cecily Nicholson, Gail Scott. Lisa Robertson

May 25th: Moers Festival, Moers, Germany
FYEAR performance, with Jason Sharp (composition, bass saxophone, electronics), Kevin Yuen Kit Lo (visual projections), Tawhida Tanya Evanson (voice), Joe Grass (pedal steel, electronics), Stefan Schneider (drums), Tommy Crane (drums), Josh Zubot (violin), Jesse Zubot (violin)

Feberuary 27th: Casa del Popolo, Montréal
Trio with Jason Sharp (saxophones, electronics) & Liam O’Neill (drums)

February 14th: Queens University, Kingston, ON
Course guest, lauch of A is for Acholi with Juliane Okot Bitek

February 7th: Virtual
Giller Book Club interview with Rawi Hage

January 25th: Musée des Beaux Arts, Montréal
Reading as part of the Jean-Michel Basquiat exhibit
With David Bradfort, Tawhida Tanya Evanson, Jason Sharp, Mo Bolduc


November 28-Dec 01: Guadalajara, Mexico
Guadalajara Feria Internacional del Libro
w/ Oana Avasilichioaei & Productions Rhizome

November 25: Montréal
Poésie et musique improvisée 

November 23: Concordia University
Montreal writing in English, Course guest

November 22: McGill University
Introduction to the Philosophy of Race, Course guest

November 20: Montréal
The Fire That Time, book launch 

November 15: Université de Montréal 
Département des littératures et langues du monde, présentation littéraire

November 10: McGill University
Genetic Cascade 
Presented by the Department of English and the Montréal Poetry Prize

June 14: La Sala Rossa, Montréal   
Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival, FYEAR performance, with Jason Sharp (composition, bass saxophone, electronics), Kevin Yuen Kit Lo (visual projections), Tawhida Tanya Evanson (voice), Joe Grass (pedal steel, electronics), Stefan Schneider (drums), Jahsun (drums), Josh Zubot (violin), Jesse Zubot (violin)

June 10: URSA, Montréal  

June 01: Montréal
Festival de la Poésie de Montréal

May 27: Montréal
ACCUTE Conference Keynote, with Eric Schmaltz (visual projections)

April 29-May 01: New Brunswick
FRYE Festival

March 15: Guelph University, College of Arts
Black Writers and Thinkers series, with Tessa McWatt, David Austin, Lawrence Hill, Ronald Cummings, Nalini Mohabir, and Canisia Lubrin, curated and hosted by Paul Barrett

Jan-Aug: Writers’ Trust  of Canada
Mentor, poetry, with Sho Yamagushiku

Jan-Oct: Scotiabank Giller Prize


December 01, 2021: Concordia University
Writers Read, w Oana Avasilichioaei, Caroline Bergvall

November 03: York University
A Map to the Door of No Return at 20: A Gathering, Fields of Imagining, w Natalie Diaz, Torkwase Dyson, Canisia Lubrin, Nanjala Nyabola, Brandon Shimoda

October: TIFA, Toronto

September: Canadian Literature Centre, University of Alberta, Edmonton       
Guest presentation, Q&A

September 16: Word Vancouver Festival
With Tawhida Tanya Evanson and Cecily Nicholson

September: Send & Recieve Festival, Winnipeg

August: Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity
Faculty, Online Literary Program, w Jordan Abel

May 24: Giller Book Club
In coversation with David Chariandy

May 22: Concordia University  
SpokenWeb Symposium, premiere of Small Stones, an audio-video work in collaboration w Kevin Yuen Kit Lo (visual design), Jason Sharp (bass and baritone saxophones), Kaie Kellough (text, voice)

April 29: Jazzahead! Festival, Bremen
FYEAR, a 7-piece ensemble audio-visual work, w Jason Sharp (composition, modular electronics, bass saxophone), Kaie Kellough (text, voice), Tawhida Tanya Evanson (voice), Joe Grass (pedal steel), JahSun (drums), Stefan Schneider (drums), Kevin Yuen Kit Lo (visual design, projections) in collaboration with the Canada Council for the Arts, Jazzahead! Bremen, and the National Arts Center

April 25: Bocas Literary Festival, Trinidad
In a Cold Country, conversation with André Alexis and Anton Nimblett

April 24: Stanstead Arts Center, Montréal   
Reading and conversation with Oana Avasilichioaei and Shelley Pomerance

April 21: Memorial University, Newfoundland
Doing Representation Justice, conversation with Zalika Reid-Benta and Dr. Stephanie McKenzie

April 9th: Québec City (Virtual)
Imgination Festival

April 6th: Queen’s University
On Translation, discussion w Madeleine Stratford

April 1st: Concordia University
FARR (Fine Arts Reading Room), discussion, Q&A

March 16th: Queen’s University
Language, Liberation, and Design, discussion w Kevin Yuen Kit Lo, Dani Spinosa

March 10th: Queens’s University
Music Department, Extended Technique, discussion w Jason Sharp, Matt Rogalsky

March 5th: Queen’s University
2021 Scotiabank Giller Prize Annual Event, discussion w Souvankham Thammavongsa

February 26th: Queen’s University
The Politics of Multidisciplinarity, discussion w Gary Barwin, Tawhida Tanya Evanson, Kama La Mackerel

February 23rd: Toronto (Virtual)
York University, Canadian Writers in Person Lecture Series

February 18th
Véhicule Press, launch of The Book of Wings, a novel by Tawhida Tanya Evanson, author interview

February 12: CBC Gem
Jah in the Ever-Expanding Song, a monodrama presented by Obsidian Theatre, as part of the 21 Black Futures project

February 9th: Toronto (Virtual)
Toronto Public Library, The Black Prairie Archives, discussion with Dr. Karina Vernon and Ismaila Alfa (CBC)

January 20, CBC Ideas
Everything at Once, interviewed as part of an episode on time during the pandemic

January 19: Queen’s University
Maroon Time: Time and Ancestry in the Poem, Queen’s University WiR Opening Address

2021 Winter Semester: Kingston, ON (Virtual)
Queen’s University, Writer in Residence


November 27th: Montréal (Virtual)
QWF / AELAQ Black Writers Out Loud, in conversation w Canisia Lubrin, curated by Tanya Evanson

November 25th: Oakville, ON (Virtual)
Sheridan College, Masterclass and public discussion w Gary Barwin

November 19th: Montréal
John Abbott College, course guest w Dr. Sara Villa

November 18th: Montréal
Concordia University, Contemporary Canadian Fiction, course guest w Dr. Jessica Bardill

November 7th: Ottawa (Virtual)
Ottawa Versefest, Official Welcome w Karen Solie, Anne-Marie Desmeules, Albert Dumont

November 6th: Sudbury (Virtual)
Wordstock Sudbury, Our Belonging, panel w Chelene Knight, Jonina Kirton, Kim Fahner

October 29th: Toronto
Toronto International Festival of Authors (TIFA), Far From Home, in conversation w Souvankham Thammavongsa

October 15th: Toronto (Virtual)
Aga Khan Museum / Music Gallery / Avant X Festival co-present UBGNLSWRE, live performance w/ Jason Sharp (bass / baritone saxophones, electronics), Kevin Yuen Kit Lo (visual projections)

October 8th: Montréal
Suoni TV, live performance w/ Jason Sharp (bass / baritone saxophones, electronics), and JahSun (drums)

October 7th: Toronto (Virtual)
Coach House Books, Watch Your Head anthology launch

October 7th: Toronto (Virtual)
Toronto International Festival of Authors (TIFA) Book Club

October 2nd: Toronto (Virtual)
The Art of the Short Story,conversation among Giller prize nominees, w Souvankham Thammavongsa and David Bergen

September 28th, 29th: Toronto
Aga Khan Museum, audio / video recording date w/ Jason Sharp (bass saxophone, electronics), and Kevin Yuen Kit Lo (visual projections)

September 23/24th: Montréal
Rhizome Productions, live recording at the Lion D’or w Oana Avasilichioaei

September 21st: Ottawa (Virtual)
OIWF - Ottawa Internatioal Writers Festival w Ian Williams and CBC host Adrian Harewood

September 11th: Vancouer (Virtual)
Word Vancouver - Host, w Souvankham Thammavongsa, Derek Mascarenhas, Nilofar Shidmehr

September 10th: Toronto (Virtual)
WOTS - Word on the Street, At the Crossroads, conversation w Jack Wang

August 10th-22nd: Banff Cancelled due to COVID
Banff Centre for the Arts, Poetry Program Faculty, w/ Jordan Abel

June 5th-11th: Berlin Cancelled due to COVID
Festival Poesie Berlin, w/ Oana Avasilichioaei, Rhizome Productions

May 1st-10th: Hong Kong Cancelled due to COVID
Contemporary Musiking Hong Kong, Sound Forms Festival w/ Kevin Yuen Kit Lo

April 30th: Ottawa Cancelled due to COVID
Ottawa Writers Festival

April 18th: Toronto Cancelled due to COVID
Aga Khan Museum, duo performance w/ Jason Sharp

April 7th-9th: Québec City Cancelled due to COVID
Rhizome Productions

March 28th: Ottawa Cancelled due to COVID
Ottawa VerseFest

March 26th: Montréal Cancelled due to COVID
MRB (Montréal Review of Books) Spring Launch @ D&Q

March 13th: Montréal Cancelled due to COVID
Concordia University, Black Studies Conference, Opening Launch

March 3rd: Montréal
Concordia University, course guest w/ Dimitri Nasrallah

February 27th: Québec
Open Book Diaspora Panel, Centre Morin, w/ Rebecca Fisseha

February 19th: Montréal
Drawn & Quarterly Bookstore: Launch of Dominoes at the Crossroads, with Dimitri Nasrallah, Véhicule Press

January 17th: Vancouver
UBC, Black Noise. Course guest w/ Phanuel Antwi

January 15th: Vancouver
UBC, Thinking While Black. Claudia Rankine, moderated by Kaie Kellough
Presented by The Phil Lind Initiative


November 27th: Montréal
Rhizome, recording

November 21st: Montréal
Duo  w/ Jason Sharp, Casa del Popolo

November 15th: Kingston
Queens University

November 7th: Montréal
Concordia University, Deep Curation

November 5th: Montréal
QWF Awards: Shortlisted for the A.M. Klein Poetry Award

October 23rd-25th: Vancouver
Vancouver International Writers Festival

October 22nd: Montréal
Paragraphe Bookstore: QWF Awards Readings

October 19th: Toronto
Harborfront Center, hosted by the Power Plant

October 11th: Montréal
Death of Futurism

October 10th: Montréal
Concordia University, Wired on Words

September 24th-25th: Winnipeg
Winnipeg International Writers Festival

September 20th: St. Catharines
Sonic Glow Festival

September 9th: Montréal
LOGOS Reading Series

June 13th: Montréal
Suoni Per Il Popolo
Sextet w/ Jason Sharp (modular synth, bass saxophone), Kevin Yuen Kit Lo (visual language projections), Joe Grass (pedal steel), Tanya Evanson (voice), Stef Schneider (drums)

May 24th: Montréal
Publishing Sphere Conference
Reading with Erin Moure, Nicole Raziya Fong

May 4th: Montréal
Words and Music, Blue Metropolis Festival

May 3rd: Montréal
The Equivocal City author panel, Blue Metropolis Festival

April 25-27th: Dublin
Making In Canadian Space conference

April 12th: Montréal
Sounding the City, Concordia University
In collaboration with Dr. Katherine McLeod, Writers Read, Spokenweb

March 27th: Toronto
Launch of Magnetic Equator (Poetry, McClelland and Stewart), AGO

February 8th, 9th: Montréal
Protests and Pedagogy Conference, Concordia University


November 25th: Montréal
Mile End Poets’ Festival

November 20th: Montréal
QWF Awards. Poem Bow nominated for the 3Macs Carte Blanche Award

November 14th: Montréal
Concordia University, Montréal / Québec Literature w/ Katherine Mcleod

October 7-15: Australia
Bundanon Trust Artist Residency

October 19-21: Sydney, Australia
Word Travels Storyfest

June 22: Toronto
Thin Edge New Music Collective: Fusing
New composition by Cheryl Duvall, Kaie Kellough, Jason Sharp, Ilana Waniuk

June 9th: Montréal
My Backyard, Somewhere / Quelque part, mon jardin
Music by Collectif 9 & Architek Percussion, works by 5 composers, incl. bilingual text by Kaie Kellough

May 2nd: Montréal
Monastiraki Gallery. Launch of Hider Seeker by Jen Currin, with Nicole Raziya Fong, Helen Guri, Emilie O'brien

April 7th: Montréal
SBC Gallery. Electronic narrative presentation, as part of Relief Theory

March 29th: Montréal
Canadian Literature, w/ Robert Lecker, McGill Univeristy

March 16th: Montréal
Québec / Montréal Writing in English, w/ Gillian Sze, Concordia University

January 25th: Montréal
Contemporary Poetry, w/ Michael Nardone, Concordia University


November 9th: Montréal
Vanier College Literary Symposium

November 4th: St.Catharines, Ontario
Festival of Readers

October 13th: Toronto
XAvant XII Festival: Intérro, collaborative work w/ Jason Sharp, Kevin Yuen Kit Lo, Tanya Evanson, The Music Gallery

Septermber 15th: Montréal
Underground Sounds. Phonopolis. Modular synth improv set

July 26th: Toronto
Course Guest: Mixed Race and Other Border Crossings, University of Toronto,
w/ Karina Vernon

July 12th: Montréal
Mixed with Dust (duo w/ Stefan Christoff), Casa del Popolo

June 24th: Montréal
Duo w/ Jason Sharp. Casa Del Popolo

June 14th: Montréal
Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival, at La Vitrola w/ Lillian Allen, Tanya Evanson

May 25th: Toronto
Shortlisted: Amazon.ca / Walrus Foundation First Novel Award gala at the Four Seasons

April 29th: Montréal
Blue Metropolis Festival at Hotel Dix. Round table: Performing Words, Performing Signs

April 22nd: Montréal
Howl! Festival at Casa Del Popolo w/ Sam Shalabi, Stefan Christoff, Mark Haynes

April 19th: Vancouver
Wax Poetic program at Co-op Radio 100.5 fm w/ RC Weslowski

April 12th: Victoria
Tongues of Fire series w/ Bill Bissett

April 7th: Montréal
Montréal Monochrome V at Articule Gallery

April 4th: Montréal
Mile End Poets Festival w Tanya Evanson, Victoria Stanton, Skin T0ne

March 13th: Montréal
Kola Reading Series w Joel Desrosiers, Olive Senior

February 17th: Montréal
Black Future w Elena Stoodley & Kaitlyn Ramsden, DJ Ellise Barbara, Slowpitchsound & Lybido

January 31st: Montréal
Poetry, Engl 234 course guest, w/ Michael Nardone @ Concordia University

January 27th: Montréal
Accordéon novel launch @ Casa Del Popolo


December 15th: Montréal
God is Alive, Magic is Afoot: Leonard Cohen Tribute @ Rialto

Novermber 26th: Montréal
QWF Book Fair @ Atwater Library

November 23rd: Toronto
ARP Books Authors' Showcase @ The Gladstone
w/ Hal Niedzviecki, Andrew Sullivan, Emma Healey, Angela Hibbs

November 20th: Montréal
Wired on Words @ Casa Del Popolo
w/ Tanya Evanson, Paul Dutton

November 3rd: Montréal
La Plante: duo performance w/ Jason Sharp

October 22nd: Montréal
CBC 5 à 6 interview w/ Nantali Indongo

August 17th, 18th: Edinburgh, Scotland
Edinburgh Int'l Book Festival: Gloss
Performance & panel w/ Tanya Evanson & Pamela Witcher

July 14th: Montréal
Argo Books: Africa as a Dream that Travels Through my Heart
duo performance with Jason Selman

June 2nd: Montréal
Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival, Intérro: Performance w/ Jason Sharp, Tanya Evanson, Kevin Yuen Kit Lo

May 26th: Halifax
Obey Convention, Solo Performance

May 7th: Toronto
Pages Unbound Festival, duo performance w/ Jason Sharp. solo performance by Aisha Sasha John

April 16th: Montréal
Blue Metropolis Festival, Rapid-Fire Reading / Ricochet Writing Series

April 8th: Québec
Les Vendredis de Poésie

March 25th: Montréal
Howl! Arts event, duo w/ Stefan Christoff (Mixed with Dust)

March 9th: Montréal
Performance, festival Dans ta Tête

March 1st: Montréal
Résonance Reading Series, with Oana Avasilichioaei, Jeramy Dodds, Lisa Fishman, Virginia Konchan, Andrew Zawacki

January 25th: Montréal
Jessica Moss, + trio w/ Jason Sharp, Kaie Kellough, Stefan Schneider

January 22nd: Montréal
Howl! présente: Sarah Pagé, Rêves Sonores, Markus Floats

January 9th: Montréal
Howl! Benefit duo w/ Stefan Christoff (Mixed with Dust),


November 25th: Montréal
Atwater Poetry Project w/ Oana Avasilichioaei

November 8th: Kingston (Ontario)
Tone Deaf Festival w/ Skin Tone & Nobuo Kubota

October 22nd, 23rd: St Catharines (Ontario)
Harriet's Legacies Conference: Race, Historical Memory, and Futures in Canada, Brock University

October 9th: Montréal
Opening for Algiers, presented by Blue Skies Turn Black
duo w/ Stefan Christoff

September 27th: Montréal
Wired on Words and Music Performance Series

September 25th: St Catharines (Ontario)
Visual poetry vernissage: The Assembly Line of Babel
w/ Eric Schmaltz, Manticore

September 17th: St. Catharines (Ontario)
Border Blur Reading Series
w/ Jacqueline Valencia, Natalee Caple, Andrew Mcewan

September 12th: Montréal
Shape & Nature Press launch of Navette (chapbook)
w/ Julie Mannell

September 5th: Toronto
CPRG (Contemporary Poetry Research Group) microtalk series "Play" w/ John Liberty, Lillian Allen, Jenny Sampirisi, David James Brock, John Bell, Liz Howard

June 6th: Ottawa
ab Series w/ Wayde Compton

May 27th: Montréal
Between the Pages, literary TV program (taping for broadcast)

April 30th: Montréal
QWF presents: Ricochet Readings, Atwater Library

April 1st: Montréal
Résonance Reading Series

March 28th: Montréal
Mile End Poets Festival

February 9th: Montréal
Concordia University, Digital Texts and Typography course, guest


November 4th: Montréal
CKUT 90.3 fm, Interview

October 24th, 25th: Barcelona
Barcelona International Spoken Word Festival

October 15th: Victoria
Canadian Festival of Spoken Word

October 1st: Montréal
Résonance Reading Series, Café Résonance

September 5th: Montréal
Creole Continuum, Kaie Kellough record launch w/ Jason Sharp

June 14th: Toronto
OISE & House Reading w/ Bronwyn Haslam, Laura Broadbent, Michael Nardone, Steve Giasson, Mat Laporte

May 29th: Montréal
Hyena Subpoena, Catherine Kidd book/cd launch

May 9th: Toronto
ACROSS Reading Series, w/ Gary Barwin, Margaret Christakos, Hoa Nguyen, Beatriz Hausner

May 8th: Toronto
Thin Edge New Music Collective: Onomatopoeia, w/ Jason Sharp

April 26th: Montréal
Howl! Arts festival, panel on art and gentrification

April 2nd, 3rd: Calgary
Calgary International Spoken Word Festival

March 30th: Ottawa
Ottawa Versefest

March 22nd: Montréal
Friends of Freedom, Café Résonance

March 1st: Winnipeg
Cluster Festival w/ Jason Sharp

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Collected. Works by / about

Backseat Mafia
A Phenomenal, Poetic Statement from the Montreal Post-Jazz Ensemble
FYEAR album review, John Parry, April 10, 2024

FYEAR Album review, Mr. Olivetti, April 8, 2024

Kreative Kontrol
FYEAR Interview featuring Kaie Kellough and Jason Sharp, podcast #852, April 5, 2024

Veil of Sound
FYEAR Review by Thorsten, April 3, 2024

Niche MTL
FYEAR Interview: Fear & Desire, In Conversation with Kaie Kellough & Jason Sharp, Ryan Alexander Diduck, March 31, 2024

Design Against Design
Cause and Consequence of a Dissident Graphic Practice
Orality and Textual Supremacy, Interview, ed. Kevin Yuen Kit Lo, Set Margins #6, 2024

The Capliano Review
From POSITION, ed. Deanna Fong ang Jacquelyn Zong-Li Ross, Issue 4.1: Anti-Monuments, Fall 2023

In Vivid Density
From POSITION, ed. Michael Nardone, OEI Editor, 2023

The Voyage to the Other Side
Introduction to Spirits in the Dark, H.Nigel Thomas, Véhicule Press 2023

Wasafiri, International Contemporary Writing
A Discontinuous Line (poem), Afterlives of Indenture, ed. Andil Gosine, Nalini Mohabir, Issue 110, Summer 2022

Transcriptions on Listening, Sound, Agency
Quotes, ed. Klara Du Plessis and Emma Telaro, SpokenWeb, 2022

Harriet’s Legacies
Race, Historical memory, and Futures in Canada
She Balances the Border (visual poetry suite + explanatory note), ed. Ronald Cummings and Natalee Caple, McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2022

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Transnational Black Radicalism and the Sir George Williams Occupation
Foreword and opening poem, ed. Ronald Cumings, Nalinli Mohabir, Black Rose Books, 2022

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Abstract Propulsion: 14 Reflections on Verso 14, Discussion on the Work of Dionne Brand, ed. Ronald Cummings, Issue 38/39, February 2022

The Tropicana, (essay), Kaie Kellough, issue 108

The Walrus
Freedom Verse, (on the cultural contributions of Jamaican Canadian activist, dub poet, recording artist, and professor Lillian Allen), Kaie Kellough,  November 2021

How A Poem Moves
Kaie Kellough, “Alphabet,” Adam Sol, October 2021

Canadian Literature, A Quarterly of Criticism and Review
“i hold a hyphen between my fingers”: Kaie Kellough’s Crossings, Cornel Bogle

The Ormsby Review

1082 Afro-Canadian Ancestry and Identity, Natalie Lang, April 02 2021, review of Dominoes at the Crossroads

La Presse
Le destin à tous les carrefours, Chantal Guy, 14 février 2021 (profil de l’artiste, critique du recueil Petits marronnages)

Le Devoir
Kaie Kellough, Balayer les prénoms, Anne-Frédérique Hébert-Dolbec, 13 février 2021 (profil de l’artiste, critique du receuil Petits marronnages)

Jah in the Ever-Expanding Song, monodrama written by Kaie Kellough, directed by d’bi young anitafrika, performed by Ravyn Wyngs, assisted by Kaygeni Bookings, produced by Obsidian Theatre, aired February 12, 2021 

Small Axe
A Reckoning with the Prairies, review of Magnetic Equator, by Dr. Karina Vernon, SX Salon 35

Quill and Quire
Cover Story / Profile, by Shazia Hafiz Ramji, December 2020

The Whole Note
Concert Report: With UBGNLSWRE (by Jason Sharp, Kaie Kellough, Kevin Yuen Kit Lo), the Aga Khan Museum and Music Gallery Capture the Present Moment, by Wendalyn Bartley, October 22, 2020

EVENT Poetry & Prose
Rebecca Peng Reviews Short Story Collections from Kaie Kellough and Souvankham Thammavongsa, Issue 49/2, Fall 2020

The Griffin Poetry Prize: Anthology 2020
From Magnetic Equator, ed. Hoa Nguyen, House of Anansi Press, 2020

Watch Your Head: Writers and Artists Respond to the Climate Crisis, Anthology
From “High School Fever”, from Magnetic Equator, eds. Kathryn Mockler et.al, Coach House Books 2020

Changing the Face of Canadian Literature, Anthology
“Capital”, short fiction, ed. Dane Swan, Guernica Editions 2020 

The Puritan
Living, Breathing Identity: Kaie Kellough’s Magnetic Equator, reviewed by Manahil Bandukwala, Issue 50, Summer 2020

Literary Review of Canada
Crossed Histories, a Collection from Kaie Kellough (review of Dominoes at the Crossroads) by Amanda Perry, September 2020

Arc Poetry Magazine
A Portrait of the Poet as Tidalectic Sound Artist: Kaie Kellough’s Magnetic Equator, reviewed by Mark Grenon, July 2020

Isolation Interview, with Tiffany Lam, May 2020

LQ Lettres Québécoises
Recoudre les Temps Vécus, Dominoes at the Crossroads Forge une Contre-Mémoire du Canada (Néo) Colonial, Sébastien McLaughlin, Cahier Critique 177, Été 2020

Small Axe
Hamidou’s Crossroads: Kaie Kellough’s Fictional Meditation on the Sir George Williams Affair in Dominoes at the Crossroads, by Dr.H.Nigel Thomas, SX Salon 33

Small Axe
Literature and the Sir George Williams University Protest, eds. Ronald Cummings, Nalini Mohabir, incl. an essay, a translation of poetry by Stéphane Martelly, SX Salon 33

Montreal Review of Books
Reading and Writing at the Crossroads, review by Erin MacLeod, spring 2020 issue

Montreal Gazette
Montréal’s Kaie Kellough writes where identities meet, where genres collide, review by Ian McGillis, March 12th, 2020

The Globe and Mail
Dominoes at the Crossroads shows how Black history is entwined in Canada’s story, review by Jade Colbert, February 10th, 2020

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Witness (short story), March 2020 issue

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Walking With Kaie Kellough, documentary video, produced by Craig Desson, winter 2020

Issue #73. Magnetic Equator reviewed by Geoffrey Nilson.

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Revue de poésie, numéro 96. A selection from Magnetic Equator translated into French, by Erin Moure.

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Spring 2019 Issue, review of Magnetic Equator by Marcela Huerta

Quill and Quire
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March 2019, review of Magnetic Equator by rob mclennan

March  2019, excerpt from Magnetic Equator, selected by Hannah Tolman

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June 2019, WLU (Wilfrid Laurier University) Press, ed. Karina Vernon. 3 Poems

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Issue 34, Fall 2018. Concrete poem: Bow 

Montréal Review of Books
March 20th, 2018, Hamidou Diop's 21st Century Revival, by Jason Freure

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October 27th, 2017, Between us, a conversation series that spotlights immigrant/first-gen Canadian writers. Audio interview w/ Tanya Evanson, moderated by Emma Cleary

Open Book Ontario
October 7th, 2017, The Writer in the World: Definace, Imagination, and the Future, conversation with writer in residence Canisia Lubrin

The Winnipeg Review
September 10th, 2017, Accordéon reviewed by Ben Wood

The Walrus
August 30th, 2017: Kaie Kellough's Debut Novel is a Grand Experiment, review by Ian Mcgillis

CBC Books
August 9th, 2017: 17 Writers to Watch in 2017, compiled by Erin Balser

Issue 104, Spring 2017, Accordéon reviewed by Patty Osborne

CBC Books
May 16th, 2017: Magic 8 Questionnaire

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Spring 2017 Issue: Cover story, Multivocal Montréal, Accordéon reviewed by Sara Spike

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February 4th, 2017: Accordéon reviewed by Melanie Brannagan Frederiksen

Globe and Mail
February 10th, 2017: Accordéon capsule review, by Jade Colbert

All Lit Up
February 9th, 2017: Black Voices, Kaie Kellough author q&a

Art & Wonder
Issue 3: Sounds. Short essay & live performance audio from Tone Deaf Festival, Kingston On, 2015

Issue 1.2, Autumn/Winter 2016. Author interview

Issue 21: Sonic materialities. Curated by Michael Nardone. audio work w/ Stefan Christoff

CBC radio1: Cinq à Six
Interview w/ Nantali Indongo. October 22nd, 2016

Jacket2 - On the Canadian Avant-Garde
From the 2015 Avant Canada conference @ Brock University. Poem: Mantra of no Return

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d-o-y-o-u-r-e-a-d-m-e. Audio. 2015 edition, Wesleyan University Press, online anthology, June 2016

Musicworks Magazine cover feature
Spring 2016, issue 124. Feature article by Dalton Higgins, photos by Pierre Langlois, includes audio of AlphabetA w/ Jason Sharp

Overflow: Poetry, Performance, Technology, Ancestry
Queenmobs.com interview with Eric Schmaltz. Summer 2016

Issue 1.1, Spring/Summer 2016. Fiction - excerpt from the novel Accordéon

The Volta
Issue 62, March 2016, Evening Will Come. 2 audio works.

Brick Books
Week 57, January 2016. Celebration of Canadian Poetry, Kaie Kellough presented by Eric Schmaltz

Ottawa Poetry Newsletter
#83, January 2016, On Writing. Short essay: Ceremony

Poetry is Dead
Issue 12, November 2015, Working Class. Short essay: Wuk

Résonance Reading Series Archive
Novemer 2015, poem: Jalopy

Résonance Reading Series Blog
November 2015, interview with Klara du Plessis & Virginia Konchan

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Issue 78, fall 2015, text + video of RAIL

The Rusty Toque
Issue 9, November 2015. Audio: Hausmann's Ransom Note

Issue 4.3, 2015, intangible architectures. Audio: AlphabetA

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Issue 3, 2014, Vienna. Audio: d-o-y-o-u-r-e-a-d-m-e

Boulder Pavement
Issue 6, Languae, 2012. Audio: International Monetary Funk, recorded at the Banff Centre for the Arts.

Badilisha Poetry Exchange
Pan-African Poets Podcast by d'bi young anitafrka, Capetown, South Africa, 2012

Art Threat
Interview by poet Michael Lithgow, April 2011

10 or 20 Questions
August 2011. Interview by rob mclennan

Influency Salon
August 2011, Signifying the Tradition, by Camille Martin

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An Inquiry, by Raphael Cohen, January 2011

Canadian Literature
December, 2011, Chewing Through Poetry, by Zoe Landale

July 2010, Rhymes and Resistance, by Vincent Tinguely