h         w        s         dates         c         l         b


October 8th: Montréal
Suoni TV, live performance w/ Jason Sharp (bass / baritone saxophones, electronics), and JahSun (drums)

October 15th: Toronto (Virtual)
Aga Khan Museum / Music Gallery / Avant X Festival co-present UBGNLSWRE, live performance w/ Jason Sharp (bass / baritone saxophones, electronics), Kevin Yuen Kit Lo (visual projections)

October 29th: Toronto 
Toronto International Festival of Authors (TIFA), Far From Home, in conversation w Souvankham Thammavongsa

November 6th: Sudbury (Virtual)
Wordstock Sudbury, Our Belonging, panel w Chelene Knight, Jonina Kirton, Kim Fahner

November 7th: Ottawa (Virtual)
Ottawa Versefest, Official Welcome w Karen Solie, Anne-Marie Desmeules, Albert Dumont

November 18th: Montréal
Concordia University, Contemporary Canadian Fiction, course guest w Dr. Jessica Bardill
November 19th: Montréal
John Abbott College, course guest w Dr. Sara Villa

November 25th: Oakville, ON (Virtual)
Sheridan College, Masterclass and public discussion w Gary Barwin

November 27th: Montréal (Virtual)
QWF / AELAQ Black Writers Out Loud, in conversation w Canisia Lubrin, curated by Tanya Evanson


Winter Semester: Kingston, ON (Virtual)
Queen’s University, Writer in Residence

February 23rd: Toronto
York University, discussion of Dominoes at the Crossroads

Achieved / Archived


October 7th: Toronto (Virtual)
Coach House Books, Watch Your Head anthology launch

October 7th: Toronto (Virtual)
Toronto International Festival of Authors (TIFA) Book Club

October 2nd: Toronto (Virtual)
The Art of the Short Story,conversation among Giller prize nominees, w Souvankham Thammavongsa and David Bergen

September 28th, 29th: Toronto
Aga Khan Museum, audio / video recording date w/ Jason Sharp (bass saxophone, electronics), and Kevin Yuen Kit Lo (visual projections)

September 23/24th: Montréal
Rhizome Productions, live recording at the Lion D’or w Oana Avasilichioaei

September 21st: Ottawa (Virtual)
OIWF - Ottawa Internatioal Writers Festival w Ian Williams and CBC host Adrian Harewood

September 11th: Vancouer (Virtual)
Word Vancouver - Host, w Souvankham Thammavongsa, Derek Mascarenhas, Nilofar Shidmehr

September 10th: Toronto (Virtual)
WOTS - Word on the Street, At the Crossroads, conversation w Jack Wang

August 10th-22nd: Banff Cancelled due to COVID
Banff Centre for the Arts, Poetry Program Faculty, w/ Jordan Abel

June 5th-11th: Berlin Cancelled due to COVID
Festival Poesie Berlin, w/ Oana Avasilichioaei, Rhizome Productions

May 1st-10th: Hong Kong Cancelled due to COVID
Contemporary Musiking Hong Kong, Sound Forms Festival w/ Kevin Yuen Kit Lo

April 30th: Ottawa Cancelled due to COVID
Ottawa Writers Festival

April 18th: Toronto Cancelled due to COVID
Aga Khan Museum, duo performance w/ Jason Sharp

April 7th-9th: Québec City Cancelled due to COVID
Rhizome Productions

March 28th: Ottawa Cancelled due to COVID
Ottawa VerseFest

March 26th: Montréal Cancelled due to COVID
MRB (Montréal Review of Books) Spring Launch @ D&Q

March 13th: Montréal Cancelled due to COVID
Concordia University, Black Studies Conference, Opening Launch

March 3rd: Montréal
Concordia University, course guest w/ Dimitri Nasrallah

February 27th: Québec
Open Book Diaspora Panel, Centre Morin, w/ Rebecca Fisseha

February 19th: Montréal
Drawn & Quarterly Bookstore: Launch of Dominoes at the Crossroads, with Dimitri Nasrallah, Véhicule Press

January 17th: Vancouver
UBC, Black Noise. Course guest w/ Phanuel Antwi

January 15th: Vancouver
UBC, Thinking While Black. Claudia Rankine, moderated by Kaie Kellough
Presented by The Phil Lind Initiative


November 27th: Montréal
Rhizome, recording

November 21st: Montréal
Duo  w/ Jason Sharp, Casa del Popolo

November 15th: Kingston
Queens University

November 7th: Montréal
Concordia University, Deep Curation

November 5th: Montréal
QWF Awards: Shortlisted for the A.M. Klein Poetry Award

October 23rd-25th: Vancouver
Vancouver International Writers Festival

October 22nd: Montréal
Paragraphe Bookstore: QWF Awards Readings

October 19th: Toronto
Harborfront Center, hosted by the Power Plant

October 11th: Montréal
Death of Futurism

October 10th: Montréal
Concordia University, Wired on Words

September 24th-25th: Winnipeg
Winnipeg International Writers Festival

September 20th: St. Catharines
Sonic Glow Festival

September 9th: Montréal
LOGOS Reading Series

June 13th: Montréal
Suoni Per Il Popolo
Sextet w/ Jason Sharp (modular synth, bass saxophone), Kevin Yuen Kit Lo (visual language projections), Joe Grass (pedal steel), Tanya Evanson (voice), Stef Schneider (drums)

May 24th: Montréal
Publishing Sphere Conference
Reading with Erin Moure, Nicole Raziya Fong

May 4th: Montréal
Words and Music, Blue Metropolis Festival

May 3rd: Montréal
The Equivocal City author panel, Blue Metropolis Festival

April 25-27th: Dublin
Making In Canadian Space conference

April 12th: Montréal
Sounding the City, Concordia University
In collaboration with Dr. Katherine McLeod, Writers Read, Spokenweb

March 27th: Toronto
Launch of Magnetic Equator (Poetry, McClelland and Stewart), AGO

February 8th, 9th: Montréal
Protests and Pedagogy Conference, Concordia University


November 25th: Montréal
Mile End Poets’ Festival

November 20th: Montréal
QWF Awards. Poem Bow nominated for the 3Macs Carte Blanche Award

November 14th: Montréal
Concordia University, Montréal / Québec Literature w/ Katherine Mcleod

October 7-15: Australia
Bundanon Trust Artist Residency

October 19-21: Sydney, Australia
Word Travels Storyfest

June 22: Toronto
Thin Edge New Music Collective: Fusing
New composition by Cheryl Duvall, Kaie Kellough, Jason Sharp, Ilana Waniuk

June 9th: Montréal
My Backyard, Somewhere / Quelque part, mon jardin
Music by Collectif 9 & Architek Percussion, works by 5 composers, incl. bilingual text by Kaie Kellough

May 2nd: Montréal
Monastiraki Gallery. Launch of Hider Seeker by Jen Currin, with Nicole Raziya Fong, Helen Guri, Emilie O'brien

April 7th: Montréal
SBC Gallery. Electronic narrative presentation, as part of Relief Theory

March 29th: Montréal
Canadian Literature, w/ Robert Lecker, McGill Univeristy

March 16th: Montréal
Québec / Montréal Writing in English, w/ Gillian Sze, Concordia University

January 25th: Montréal
Contemporary Poetry, w/ Michael Nardone, Concordia University


November 9th: Montréal
Vanier College Literary Symposium

November 4th: St.Catharines, Ontario
Festival of Readers

October 13th: Toronto
XAvant XII Festival: Intérro, collaborative work w/ Jason Sharp, Kevin Yuen Kit Lo, Tanya Evanson, The Music Gallery

Septermber 15th: Montréal
Underground Sounds. Phonopolis. Modular synth improv set

July 26th: Toronto
Course Guest: Mixed Race and Other Border Crossings, University of Toronto,
w/ Karina Vernon

July 12th: Montréal
Mixed with Dust (duo w/ Stefan Christoff), Casa del Popolo

June 24th: Montréal
Duo w/ Jason Sharp. Casa Del Popolo

June 14th: Montréal
Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival, at La Vitrola w/ Lillian Allen, Tanya Evanson

May 25th: Toronto
Shortlisted: Amazon.ca / Walrus Foundation First Novel Award gala at the Four Seasons

April 29th: Montréal
Blue Metropolis Festival at Hotel Dix. Round table: Performing Words, Performing Signs

April 22nd: Montréal
Howl! Festival at Casa Del Popolo w/ Sam Shalabi, Stefan Christoff, Mark Haynes

April 19th: Vancouver
Wax Poetic program at Co-op Radio 100.5 fm w/ RC Weslowski

April 12th: Victoria
Tongues of Fire series w/ Bill Bissett

April 7th: Montréal
Montréal Monochrome V at Articule Gallery

April 4th: Montréal
Mile End Poets Festival w Tanya Evanson, Victoria Stanton, Skin T0ne

March 13th: Montréal
Kola Reading Series w Joel Desrosiers, Olive Senior

February 17th: Montréal
Black Future w Elena Stoodley & Kaitlyn Ramsden, DJ Ellise Barbara, Slowpitchsound & Lybido

January 31st: Montréal
Poetry, Engl 234 course guest, w/ Michael Nardone @ Concordia University

January 27th: Montréal
Accordéon novel launch @ Casa Del Popolo


December 15th: Montréal
God is Alive, Magic is Afoot: Leonard Cohen Tribute @ Rialto

Novermber 26th: Montréal
QWF Book Fair @ Atwater Library

November 23rd: Toronto
ARP Books Authors' Showcase @ The Gladstone
w/ Hal Niedzviecki, Andrew Sullivan, Emma Healey, Angela Hibbs

November 20th: Montréal
Wired on Words @ Casa Del Popolo
w/ Tanya Evanson, Paul Dutton

November 3rd: Montréal
La Plante: duo performance w/ Jason Sharp

October 22nd: Montréal
CBC 5 à 6 interview w/ Nantali Indongo

August 17th, 18th: Edinburgh, Scotland
Edinburgh Int'l Book Festival: Gloss
Performance & panel w/ Tanya Evanson & Pamela Witcher

July 14th: Montréal
Argo Books: Africa as a Dream that Travels Through my Heart
duo performance with Jason Selman

June 2nd: Montréal
Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival, Intérro: Performance w/ Jason Sharp, Tanya Evanson, Kevin Yuen Kit Lo

May 26th: Halifax
Obey Convention, Solo Performance

May 7th: Toronto
Pages Unbound Festival, duo performance w/ Jason Sharp. solo performance by Aisha Sasha John

April 16th: Montréal
Blue Metropolis Festival, Rapid-Fire Reading / Ricochet Writing Series

April 8th: Québec
Les Vendredis de Poésie

March 25th: Montréal
Howl! Arts event, duo w/ Stefan Christoff (Mixed with Dust)

March 9th: Montréal
Performance, festival Dans ta Tête

March 1st: Montréal
Résonance Reading Series, with Oana Avasilichioaei, Jeramy Dodds, Lisa Fishman, Virginia Konchan, Andrew Zawacki

January 25th: Montréal
Jessica Moss, + trio w/ Jason Sharp, Kaie Kellough, Stefan Schneider

January 22nd: Montréal
Howl! présente: Sarah Pagé, Rêves Sonores, Markus Floats

January 9th: Montréal
Howl! Benefit duo w/ Stefan Christoff (Mixed with Dust),


November 25th: Montréal
Atwater Poetry Project w/ Oana Avasilichioaei

November 8th: Kingston (Ontario)
Tone Deaf Festival w/ Skin Tone & Nobuo Kubota

October 22nd, 23rd: St Catharines (Ontario)
Harriet's Legacies Conference: Race, Historical Memory, and Futures in Canada, Brock University

October 9th: Montréal
Opening for Algiers, presented by Blue Skies Turn Black
duo w/ Stefan Christoff

September 27th: Montréal
Wired on Words and Music Performance Series

September 25th: St Catharines (Ontario)
Visual poetry vernissage: The Assembly Line of Babel
w/ Eric Schmaltz, Manticore

September 17th: St. Catharines (Ontario)
Border Blur Reading Series
w/ Jacqueline Valencia, Natalee Caple, Andrew Mcewan

September 12th: Montréal
Shape & Nature Press launch of Navette (chapbook)
w/ Julie Mannell

September 5th: Toronto
CPRG (Contemporary Poetry Research Group) microtalk series "Play" w/ John Liberty, Lillian Allen, Jenny Sampirisi, David James Brock, John Bell, Liz Howard

June 6th: Ottawa
ab Series w/ Wayde Compton

May 27th: Montréal
Between the Pages, literary TV program (taping for broadcast)

April 30th: Montréal
QWF presents: Ricochet Readings, Atwater Library

April 1st: Montréal
Résonance Reading Series

March 28th: Montréal
Mile End Poets Festival

February 9th: Montréal
Concordia University, Digital Texts and Typography course, guest


November 4th: Montréal
CKUT 90.3 fm, Interview

October 24th, 25th: Barcelona
Barcelona International Spoken Word Festival

October 15th: Victoria
Canadian Festival of Spoken Word

October 1st: Montréal
Résonance Reading Series, Café Résonance

September 5th: Montréal
Creole Continuum, Kaie Kellough record launch w/ Jason Sharp

June 14th: Toronto
OISE & House Reading w/ Bronwyn Haslam, Laura Broadbent, Michael Nardone, Steve Giasson, Mat Laporte

May 29th: Montréal
Hyena Subpoena, Catherine Kidd book/cd launch

May 9th: Toronto
ACROSS Reading Series, w/ Gary Barwin, Margaret Christakos, Hoa Nguyen, Beatriz Hausner

May 8th: Toronto
Thin Edge New Music Collective: Onomatopoeia, w/ Jason Sharp

April 26th: Montréal
Howl! Arts festival, panel on art and gentrification

April 2nd, 3rd: Calgary
Calgary International Spoken Word Festival

March 30th: Ottawa
Ottawa Versefest

March 22nd: Montréal
Friends of Freedom, Café Résonance

March 1st: Winnipeg
Cluster Festival w/ Jason Sharp