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FYEAR  is a Montréal-based nonet led by composer Jason Sharp and poet/writer Kaie Kellough. FYEAR fuses spoken word into multi-genre compositions for electronics, two voices, two drummers, processed saxophone, pedal steel guitar, and violins. Their debut self-titled  studio recording was released by Constellation Records in 2024. It is available in all digital formats, 180-gram vinyl edition, and compact disc.

FYEAR incorporates drone, out-jazz, post-classical, ambient metal, avant-rock, and modular synthesis, and creates a unified sound/aesthetic while traversing adventurous and varied terrain. Kellough’s langauge engages with the challenges of modernity: extraction, inflation, and the unequal distribution of access to the future. This self-titled debut album is a supremely innovative 40-minute multi-movement work.

180 gram vinyl LP and compact disc designed by Kevin Yuen Kit Lo and Constellation.

Video design by Kevin Yuen Kit Lo & Sarah Auches 

Schemmann Photography, Moers Festival, Germany, 05/2023

Contributors, L-R:  Jesse Zubot, Kevin Yuen Kit Lo, Kaie Kellough, Jason Sharp, Joe Grass, Josh Zubot, Tawhida Tanya Evanson, Stefan Schneider, Tommy Crane

Jason Sharp is a bass and baritone saxophonist, synthesist, and composer who has recorded 3 studio albums for the prestigious Constellation Records label.

Kaie Kellough (text, voice) is a poet, novelist, and sound performer. A recipient of the Griffin Poetry Prize, Kaie’s writing emerges where social engagement and formal innovation meet.

Joe Grass (pedal steel) is a guitarist, composer, and producer who has worked extensively with Lhasa, Patrick Watson, Marie-Pierre Arthur, and Elisapie.

Kevin Yuen Kit Lo is a graphic designer. He is the founder and creative director of  LOKI Design Studios, which blends a passion for craft with a commitment to equality and social justice.

Tawhida Tanya Evanson (voice) is a poet, novelist, sound performer, and whirling dervish. Her publications, solo perfromances, and collaborations have reached Africa, Australia, Indonesia, and the Caribbean.

Jesse Zubot (violin) is a composer, musician, and producer who is a four-time Juno Award winner. As a film composer, he has won acclaim for his innovative scores for Monkey Beach, Indian Horse, and Academy Award-nominated Two Lovers and a Bear.

Joshua Zubot (violin) is a central figure in both the Montréal and Vancouver creative music scenes. Some of his frequent collaborations are with Bernard Falaise, Francois Houle, Sam Shalabi, Nicolas Caloia, and Isaiah Ceccarelli.

Stefan Schneider (percussion) is a founding member of the Bell Orchestre and The Queer Songbook Orchestra.

Tommy Crane (percussion) is a Montréal-based musician who has recorded and performed with Ambrose Akinmusire, Melissa Aldana, The Mingus Big Band, Linda Oh, Thus Owls, Aaron Parks, Richard Reed Parry, and Logan Richardson.