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Collected. Works by / about

Backseat Mafia
A Phenomenal, Poetic Statement from the Montreal Post-Jazz Ensemble
FYEAR album review, John Parry, April 10, 2024

FYEAR Album review, Mr. Olivetti, April 8, 2024

Kreative Kontrol
FYEAR Interview featuring Kaie Kellough and Jason Sharp, podcast #852, April 5, 2024

Veil of Sound
FYEAR Review by Thorsten, April 3, 2024

Niche MTL
FYEAR Interview: Fear & Desire, In Conversation with Kaie Kellough & Jason Sharp, Ryan Alexander Diduck, March 31, 2024

Design Against Design
Cause and Consequence of a Dissident Graphic Practice
Orality and Textual Supremacy, Interview, ed. Kevin Yuen Kit Lo, Set Margins #6, 2024

The Capliano Review
From POSITION, ed. Deanna Fong ang Jacquelyn Zong-Li Ross, Issue 4.1: Anti-Monuments, Fall 2023

In Vivid Density
From POSITION, ed. Michael Nardone, OEI Editor, 2023

The Voyage to the Other Side
Introduction to Spirits in the Dark, H.Nigel Thomas, Véhicule Press 2023

Wasafiri, International Contemporary Writing
A Discontinuous Line (poem), Afterlives of Indenture, ed. Andil Gosine, Nalini Mohabir, Issue 110, Summer 2022

Transcriptions on Listening, Sound, Agency
Quotes, ed. Klara Du Plessis and Emma Telaro, SpokenWeb, 2022

Harriet’s Legacies
Race, Historical memory, and Futures in Canada
She Balances the Border (visual poetry suite + explanatory note), ed. Ronald Cummings and Natalee Caple, McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2022

The Fire That Time
Transnational Black Radicalism and the Sir George Williams Occupation
Foreword and opening poem, ed. Ronald Cumings, Nalinli Mohabir, Black Rose Books, 2022

TOPIA Journal
Fire in the Mainframe, The  Sir George Williams Computer Center Occupation of 1969 as Narrative, Special Issue, Legacies of the 1969 Sir George Williams Student Protests, ed. Ronald Cummings, Nalini Mohabir, Vol. 44

SX Salon
Abstract Propulsion: 14 Reflections on Verso 14, Discussion on the Work of Dionne Brand, ed. Ronald Cummings, Issue 38/39, February 2022

The Tropicana, (essay), Kaie Kellough, issue 108

The Walrus
Freedom Verse, (on the cultural contributions of Jamaican Canadian activist, dub poet, recording artist, and professor Lillian Allen), Kaie Kellough,  November 2021

How A Poem Moves
Kaie Kellough, “Alphabet,” Adam Sol, October 2021

Canadian Literature, A Quarterly of Criticism and Review
“i hold a hyphen between my fingers”: Kaie Kellough’s Crossings, Cornel Bogle

The Ormsby Review

1082 Afro-Canadian Ancestry and Identity, Natalie Lang, April 02 2021, review of Dominoes at the Crossroads

La Presse
Le destin à tous les carrefours, Chantal Guy, 14 février 2021 (profil de l’artiste, critique du recueil Petits marronnages)

Le Devoir
Kaie Kellough, Balayer les prénoms, Anne-Frédérique Hébert-Dolbec, 13 février 2021 (profil de l’artiste, critique du receuil Petits marronnages)

Jah in the Ever-Expanding Song, monodrama written by Kaie Kellough, directed by d’bi young anitafrika, performed by Ravyn Wyngs, assisted by Kaygeni Bookings, produced by Obsidian Theatre, aired February 12, 2021 

Small Axe
A Reckoning with the Prairies, review of Magnetic Equator, by Dr. Karina Vernon, SX Salon 35

Quill and Quire
Cover Story / Profile, by Shazia Hafiz Ramji, December 2020

The Whole Note
Concert Report: With UBGNLSWRE (by Jason Sharp, Kaie Kellough, Kevin Yuen Kit Lo), the Aga Khan Museum and Music Gallery Capture the Present Moment, by Wendalyn Bartley, October 22, 2020

EVENT Poetry & Prose
Rebecca Peng Reviews Short Story Collections from Kaie Kellough and Souvankham Thammavongsa, Issue 49/2, Fall 2020

The Griffin Poetry Prize: Anthology 2020
From Magnetic Equator, ed. Hoa Nguyen, House of Anansi Press, 2020

Watch Your Head: Writers and Artists Respond to the Climate Crisis, Anthology
From “High School Fever”, from Magnetic Equator, eds. Kathryn Mockler et.al, Coach House Books 2020

Changing the Face of Canadian Literature, Anthology
“Capital”, short fiction, ed. Dane Swan, Guernica Editions 2020 

The Puritan
Living, Breathing Identity: Kaie Kellough’s Magnetic Equator, reviewed by Manahil Bandukwala, Issue 50, Summer 2020

Literary Review of Canada
Crossed Histories, a Collection from Kaie Kellough (review of Dominoes at the Crossroads) by Amanda Perry, September 2020

Arc Poetry Magazine
A Portrait of the Poet as Tidalectic Sound Artist: Kaie Kellough’s Magnetic Equator, reviewed by Mark Grenon, July 2020

Isolation Interview, with Tiffany Lam, May 2020

LQ Lettres Québécoises
Recoudre les Temps Vécus, Dominoes at the Crossroads Forge une Contre-Mémoire du Canada (Néo) Colonial, Sébastien McLaughlin, Cahier Critique 177, Été 2020

Small Axe
Hamidou’s Crossroads: Kaie Kellough’s Fictional Meditation on the Sir George Williams Affair in Dominoes at the Crossroads, by Dr.H.Nigel Thomas, SX Salon 33

Small Axe
Literature and the Sir George Williams University Protest, eds. Ronald Cummings, Nalini Mohabir, incl. an essay, a translation of poetry by Stéphane Martelly, SX Salon 33

Montreal Review of Books
Reading and Writing at the Crossroads, review by Erin MacLeod, spring 2020 issue

Montreal Gazette
Montréal’s Kaie Kellough writes where identities meet, where genres collide, review by Ian McGillis, March 12th, 2020

The Globe and Mail
Dominoes at the Crossroads shows how Black history is entwined in Canada’s story, review by Jade Colbert, February 10th, 2020

The Walrus
Witness (short story), March 2020 issue

CBC Arts
Walking With Kaie Kellough, documentary video, produced by Craig Desson, winter 2020

Issue #73. Magnetic Equator reviewed by Geoffrey Nilson.

Publicerings-Praktiker,Publicerings-Poetiker / Publishing Practices, Publishing Poetics, translation into Swedish of “Mantra of No Return,” from Magnetic Equator, by Jörgen Gassilewski, #86/87 2020

Revue de poésie, numéro 96. A selection from Magnetic Equator translated into French, by Erin Moure.

April 2019, Poetries of the Mouth and the Canadian Imaginary: Word-Sound-Systems, Further Notes of Kaie Kellough’s Vibratory Poetics, by Eric Schmaltz

Montréal Review of Books
Spring 2019 Issue, review of Magnetic Equator by Marcela Huerta

Quill and Quire
March 2019, review of Magnetic Equator by Shazia Hafiz Ramji

Rob McLennan’s Blog
March 2019, review of Magnetic Equator by rob mclennan

March  2019, excerpt from Magnetic Equator, selected by Hannah Tolman

Avant Canada: Poets, Prophets, Revolutionaries Anthology
January 2019, WLU (Wilfrid Laurier University) Press, eds. Gregory Betts and Christian Bok. Concrete poems: Continents

The Black Prairie Archives: An Anthology
June 2019, WLU (Wilfrid Laurier University) Press, ed. Karina Vernon. 3 Poems

Carte Blanche
Issue 34, Fall 2018. Concrete poem: Bow 

Montréal Review of Books
March 20th, 2018, Hamidou Diop's 21st Century Revival, by Jason Freure

Prism International
October 27th, 2017, Between us, a conversation series that spotlights immigrant/first-gen Canadian writers. Audio interview w/ Tanya Evanson, moderated by Emma Cleary

Open Book Ontario
October 7th, 2017, The Writer in the World: Definace, Imagination, and the Future, conversation with writer in residence Canisia Lubrin

The Winnipeg Review
September 10th, 2017, Accordéon reviewed by Ben Wood

The Walrus
August 30th, 2017: Kaie Kellough's Debut Novel is a Grand Experiment, review by Ian Mcgillis

CBC Books
August 9th, 2017: 17 Writers to Watch in 2017, compiled by Erin Balser

Issue 104, Spring 2017, Accordéon reviewed by Patty Osborne

CBC Books
May 16th, 2017: Magic 8 Questionnaire

Montréal Reivew of Books
Spring 2017 Issue: Cover story, Multivocal Montréal, Accordéon reviewed by Sara Spike

Winnipeg Free Press
February 4th, 2017: Accordéon reviewed by Melanie Brannagan Frederiksen

Globe and Mail
February 10th, 2017: Accordéon capsule review, by Jade Colbert

All Lit Up
February 9th, 2017: Black Voices, Kaie Kellough author q&a

Art & Wonder
Issue 3: Sounds. Short essay & live performance audio from Tone Deaf Festival, Kingston On, 2015

Issue 1.2, Autumn/Winter 2016. Author interview

Issue 21: Sonic materialities. Curated by Michael Nardone. audio work w/ Stefan Christoff

CBC radio1: Cinq à Six
Interview w/ Nantali Indongo. October 22nd, 2016

Jacket2 - On the Canadian Avant-Garde
From the 2015 Avant Canada conference @ Brock University. Poem: Mantra of no Return

BAX: Best American Experimental Writing
d-o-y-o-u-r-e-a-d-m-e. Audio. 2015 edition, Wesleyan University Press, online anthology, June 2016

Musicworks Magazine cover feature
Spring 2016, issue 124. Feature article by Dalton Higgins, photos by Pierre Langlois, includes audio of AlphabetA w/ Jason Sharp

Overflow: Poetry, Performance, Technology, Ancestry
Queenmobs.com interview with Eric Schmaltz. Summer 2016

Issue 1.1, Spring/Summer 2016. Fiction - excerpt from the novel Accordéon

The Volta
Issue 62, March 2016, Evening Will Come. 2 audio works.

Brick Books
Week 57, January 2016. Celebration of Canadian Poetry, Kaie Kellough presented by Eric Schmaltz

Ottawa Poetry Newsletter
#83, January 2016, On Writing. Short essay: Ceremony

Poetry is Dead
Issue 12, November 2015, Working Class. Short essay: Wuk

Résonance Reading Series Archive
Novemer 2015, poem: Jalopy

Résonance Reading Series Blog
November 2015, interview with Klara du Plessis & Virginia Konchan

ARC Poetry Magazine
Issue 78, fall 2015, text + video of RAIL

The Rusty Toque
Issue 9, November 2015. Audio: Hausmann's Ransom Note

Issue 4.3, 2015, intangible architectures. Audio: AlphabetA

Huellkurven, a Magazine of Sound poetry
Issue 3, 2014, Vienna. Audio: d-o-y-o-u-r-e-a-d-m-e

Boulder Pavement
Issue 6, Languae, 2012. Audio: International Monetary Funk, recorded at the Banff Centre for the Arts.

Badilisha Poetry Exchange
Pan-African Poets Podcast by d'bi young anitafrka, Capetown, South Africa, 2012

Art Threat
Interview by poet Michael Lithgow, April 2011

10 or 20 Questions
August 2011. Interview by rob mclennan

Influency Salon
August 2011, Signifying the Tradition, by Camille Martin

Doveglion Press
An Inquiry, by Raphael Cohen, January 2011

Canadian Literature
December, 2011, Chewing Through Poetry, by Zoe Landale

July 2010, Rhymes and Resistance, by Vincent Tinguely