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UBGNLSWRE is a mixed media collaboration between Jason Sharp (bass saxophone, electronics, composition), Kaie Kellough (voice, text), and Kevin Yuen Kit Lo (visual design).

Interview: 00:00-15:35
w/ Jason Sharp and Kaie Kellough, by David Dacks

Performance: 15:38-46:45

This work was composed during the 2020 pandemic. It emerges from a moment when climate change, global uncertainty, and sharply rising inequality appeared to suspend the future. It examines that suspension and it considers how we construct our sense of self in such a moment. It explores questions of (historical) access to the idea of a future, and what happens to a self when that access is limited.

UBGNLSWRE was presented in collaboration with the Aga Khan Museum, with the X AVANT Festival, and with the Music Gallery Toronto.

Rocket #

Rocket # is a series of 00:45-second improvised conversations between voice (poem) and brass.

Text is drawn from the book Magnetic Equator, winner of the 2020 Griffin Poetry Prize.

Kaie Kellough (voice, text)
Jason Sharp (baritone saxophone)

Produced in collaboration with the Aga Khan Museum, Toronto.

Turning Centre of the Still World

Turning Centre of the Still World is a cross-disciplinary work, composed with Cheryl Duvall (prepared piano), Ilana Waniuk (violin, effects), Jason Sharp (electronics, sound design), and Kaie Kellough (voice, vocal effects, text).

This work draws on ideas of diaspora, displacement, erasure, ambivalence, and on personal history. It looks at place (the Canadian prairies) from the perspective of one who is physically present there, yet who is culturally absent or erased. 

This work was performed live at the Music Gallery, Toronto, in 06/2018, as part of the Thin Edge New Music Collective’s event, Fusing.


01100001 is a mixed media collaboration between Jason Sharp (electronics, sound design), and Kaie Kellough (live and synthesized voice, text, visual design). Video shot/edited by Victoria Nam, 05/09/2014, Montréal.

This performance of the book of Genesis converted into binary code, is inspired by the quote: “Too much has been made of origins, all origins are arbitrary” by Dionne Brand, from A Map to the Door of No Return .

Excerpt from a performance at the launch of Creole Continuum.

Produced in collaboration with HOWL! Arts Collective.

Funded by the Canada Council for the Arts

Creole Continuum


Creole Continuum
“d-o-y-o-u-r-e-a-d-m-e” was selected for BAX Online (Best American Experimental Writing) 2015, eds. Douglas Kearney, Seth Abramson, Jesse Damiani, and was named among the top poems of 2014 by the Vancouver Poetry House.

Design: Nazik Dakkach

Creole Continuum was released on vinyl, CD and MP3 on September 5th, 2014 with Howl! records. 


Personnel: Martin Heslop (contrebasse), Jason Sharp (bass & baritone saxophones), Ted Strauss (piano, organ), Brahja Waldman (drums, alto saxophone), Kim Zombik (voice), Tyler Fitzmaurice (recording, mixing), Dimitiri Condax (mastering).


Wired On Words


Design: Kevin Yuen Kit Lo (LOKI)

Vox:Versus was recorded in 2010 at Hotel 2 Tango, Montréal. 

word sound system #2

dust my doom

Personnel: Martin Heslop (contrebasse), Jahsun (drums), Stefan Christoff (piano), Kim Zombik (vocal), DJ Andy Williams (soundscapes), Zeke (sound collage), Jason Selman (trumpet), Radwan Ghazi Mounmeh (recording), Graham Lessard (mixing), Harris Newman (mastering).

Vox:Versus was launched at th 2011 Suoni Per Il Popolo festival, Montréal.